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Analyses and market research

Do you want to know the market tendencies, reveal new potential utilization of your product? We will be your partners in conducting qualitative research.

Contact mediation

Are you looking for new partners?
We will mediate contacts with potential partners in order to make your company more visible.

Distribution services and sales

Would you like to gain a market share?
We will take care of the distribution and sale of your products across the whole market.

KCO Finance

Are you looking for professional services in financial advisory? We will help you to find a way to your financial independence.


The weakening of the koruna

The Czech National Bank has decided to start using the koruna exchange rate as an additional monetary policy instrument. The decision to maintain the exchange rate close to CZK 27/EUR has generated a lively discussion among professionals and the general public. This public debate involves a number of myths to which the CNB must react. (...)


KALINKO & CO offers variety of services such as Financial advisory, Analysys and Market research, Contact mediation, Distribution services and Sales.
We always adapt to your needs and the size of your company, we also make sure to offer you quality services for reasonable prices. Our main advantage is profesionalism, flexibility, willingness and specially an individual approach to each business partner.

We will help you securing your finances

We will assist you in finding new partners